fish tacos—moku’s way

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This taco recipe is also from the Merriman’s Hawai’i Cookbook. Justin and I loved this recipe! After Justin finished eating, he literally licked his fingers, and wiped the little beads of sweat from his forehead from the heat of the jalapenos. Yes, this recipe’s a keeper! And I halved the recipe since it’s just the two of us. But I gave the ingredients for the original serving size of twelve. Enjoy! Continue reading “fish tacos—moku’s way”

birthday beer: black velvet

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Today is my birthday! I woke up this morning feeling much wiser than before as if information had been downloaded to my brain like in The Matrix. OK, not really. I woke up in my usual sleepy stupor, dragged myself to the shower, threw on some makeup, ran a brush through my hair, and called it good. This is my typical morning.  I have never been a morning person, but luckily I married someone who is! Anyway, onto my annual birthday drink! Continue reading “birthday beer: black velvet”

ulapalakua beef and shrimp kabobs


Early on in the Hawaiian trip, we went to Merriman’s for happy hour on the northern side of the island. They are a gourmet restaurant that specializes in Hawaiian food. While we were there, I bought their cookbook. This recipe is called Ulapalakua Beef and Shrimp Kabobs, and if you have a grill, you should make this! And while restaurants on the island use a lot of local ingredients in their dishes, for the most part, we can get everything here on the mainland and it will be just as good! We only added a couple of pineapple slices to our kabobs as we’re not big pineapple people, but we thought this dish was good with and without pineapple. Enjoy!  Continue reading “ulapalakua beef and shrimp kabobs”