lost in st. louis


Recently I went to visit my friend and her husband who live in St. Louis. I’m notorious for being directionally challenged, but in a different city, I have absolutely no sense of direction. So when the cabbie shooed me out of the cab and told me my destination was just down the street and that he didn’t want to get any closer due to road construction, I believed him. My friend lives in an upscale neighborhood around lots of trendy restaurants and boutiques. Upon closer inspection of the houses I walked past, I noticed that a lot of the homes were boarded up with plywood or were in disrepair.  I thought, either I’m in the wrong spot or this place has gone downhill in the last year and a half since I’ve been here. I started walking faster, lugging my big orange suit case behind me. Nothing looked familiar, and I quickly realized I was lost. I wasn’t sure whether I was just on the wrong block or on the wrong street entirely. Then I smelled fried food and got excited. I followed my nose until I ended up in the Grove, a trendy part of St. Louis. And that’s when I stumbled across the Urban Chestnut Brewery, and thought, well, since I’m here…

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prepping for hawaii, the big island


For our honeymoon, Justin and I are going to Hawaii, the Big Island, tomorrow, and I’m so excited. Mentally I’m already on the white sandy beach sipping Mai-tais and contemplating what kind of seafood I want for my next meal. It’s my first time to Hawaii. Justin went when he was a child, but as one of my co-workers pointed out, “You haven’t fully experienced a place until you’ve been drunk there.” I’m convinced that going back as an adult will be an entirely different experience.

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