prosciutto-wrapped asparagus


This is an awesome appetizer! Make this now! It’s a little tricky cutting and wrapping the fragile layer of prosciutto around the asparagus. Do not add any salt to this recipe as it is already salty from the prosciutto. These can be made ahead and stored at room temperature up to 4 hours before baking.

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last-minute dinner: cheese plate

cheese plate

Some days I don’t feel like making anything or I get home so late, it’s too late to start dinner. Saturday was like that.  Justin and I went to a friends’ son’s 3-year old birthday (I always love little kids parties because there’s always a good selection of booze!) party. Afterwards, we did a couple hours of shopping for items for the house using gift cards and then stopped by Half Price Books to add more cookbooks to my already expansive collection (you can never have too many cookbooks). By the time we finally got home, it was six o’clock, and we were hungry. I motioned to throw together a cheese plate and Justin seconded it. Continue reading “last-minute dinner: cheese plate”