four things that have happened since the last time i posted

1.Last year most of our home appliances went out so we called our home warranty company several times and then they punished us for it by not allowing us to renew our contract with them this year. But so far this year, nothing has died on us yet (knock on wood), so we’re thankful!

2. I have started thinking about cleaning out our junk room. Continue reading “four things that have happened since the last time i posted”

last-minute dinner: cheese plate

cheese plate

Some days I don’t feel like making anything or I get home so late, it’s too late to start dinner. Saturday was like that.  Justin and I went to a friends’ son’s 3-year old birthday (I always love little kids parties because there’s always a good selection of booze!) party. Afterwards, we did a couple hours of shopping for items for the house using gift cards and then stopped by Half Price Books to add more cookbooks to my already expansive collection (you can never have too many cookbooks). By the time we finally got home, it was six o’clock, and we were hungry. I motioned to throw together a cheese plate and Justin seconded it. Continue reading “last-minute dinner: cheese plate”

welcome y’all!

LWJBw_-1038.jpgHello everyone, I’m Lauren, and I love to cook, entertain, and eat! I got married last Saturday in Downtown Dallas. I know, crazy, right? You’re thinking, what are you doing starting a blog a week after your wedding?  Perhaps I’m using this blog as a kind of post-wedding-planning therapy. I’m slowly bringing my over-stimulated, over-stressed, sleep-deprived brain back to sanity.  Ten long months of intense wedding planning has finally ended. The wedding was an awesome affair—the venue, the food, the company, the music, the dancing. I feel blessed that I got to marry my best friend and partner in crime. And that Justin and I got to celebrate with so many wonderful friends and family. Really it made the ten months of stress and worry worth it. But now I am free! I can stop having nightmares about forgetting to show up on my wedding day or worrying that I still need to call the florist to work out last minute details. It’s over, and I’m onto pursuing my other love, FOOD. I have always wanted to have a blog, a space I could share my culinary adventures with others. I hope you’ll come along for the ride. Now let’s get cookin’!