welcome y’all!

LWJBw_-1038.jpgHello everyone, I’m Lauren, and I love to cook, entertain, and eat! I got married last Saturday in Downtown Dallas. I know, crazy, right? You’re thinking, what are you doing starting a blog a week after your wedding?  Perhaps I’m using this blog as a kind of post-wedding-planning therapy. I’m slowly bringing my over-stimulated, over-stressed, sleep-deprived brain back to sanity.  Ten long months of intense wedding planning has finally ended. The wedding was an awesome affair—the venue, the food, the company, the music, the dancing. I feel blessed that I got to marry my best friend and partner in crime. And that Justin and I got to celebrate with so many wonderful friends and family. Really it made the ten months of stress and worry worth it. But now I am free! I can stop having nightmares about forgetting to show up on my wedding day or worrying that I still need to call the florist to work out last minute details. It’s over, and I’m onto pursuing my other love, FOOD. I have always wanted to have a blog, a space I could share my culinary adventures with others. I hope you’ll come along for the ride. Now let’s get cookin’!



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