tomato cream sauce with fettuccine


I have come to learn that I should not future publish posts that are not yet ready. Oops! I have done it a couple times now setting it to future publish, believing I will finish it before it publishes. I will have my recipes all typed out and the pictures just where I want them. But then I’ll postpone writing the intro, which I usually write last as I always think “divine inspiration” will hit me with something terribly witty and insightful that will land me in some great book of quotations, but, of course, this is very hit or miss. And today, it was a miss, so I  will leave you with my promise to not future publish a post until it’s good and ready!

Do you ever feel there was a dish made just for you? After tasting this, I wonder where this dish has been all my life. Tomato sauce AND cream? Sign me up! I am literally scarfing this down as I type. I have tucked a hand towel into my glaring white top as a bib because I remember what I think is Newton’s Law that states “For every sauce, there is an equal and opposite stained white shirt” or something like that.  I was never good at science; I prefer to think the world is run on magic. But I remember the important scientific platitudes, or did I just make that up? Anyhoo, this dish is good. I did not add a protein to dish, but feel free to add chicken or shrimp. Happy cooking!

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