cilantro-serrano pesto with grilled chicken with penne


This delightful recipe tastes like summer itself! Instead of basil-based pasta, this pesto uses cilantro and mint.  The pecan nuts give it a little bit of texture more than anything. The serrano pepper makes it a little bit spicy. We would recommend 1- 1 ½ pounds of chicken. Enjoy! Continue reading “cilantro-serrano pesto with grilled chicken with penne”

blueberry pecan scones

IMG_3920 (2)

There’s nothing like the smell of blueberry scones in the morning! These scones are good but not overly sweet. The lemon zest adds a nice touch to them.  Oh, and don’t be a dingy like I was and add the dry mixture to the wet mixture before putting in the berries. Anyway, enjoy! Continue reading “blueberry pecan scones”

four things that have happened since the last time i posted

1.Last year most of our home appliances went out so we called our home warranty company several times and then they punished us for it by not allowing us to renew our contract with them this year. But so far this year, nothing has died on us yet (knock on wood), so we’re thankful!

2. I have started thinking about cleaning out our junk room. Continue reading “four things that have happened since the last time i posted”