four things that have happened since the last time i posted

1.Last year most of our home appliances went out so we called our home warranty company several times and then they punished us for it by not allowing us to renew our contract with them this year. But so far this year, nothing has died on us yet (knock on wood), so we’re thankful!

2. I have started thinking about cleaning out our junk room. Oh, did I mention we have a junk room? It is actually our third bedroom, but since our house has no storage, it has become the junk room. Every time I go in that room, our junk appears to have expanded and multiplied. The junk began as an isolated little pile in the corner but now it has insidiously taken over the whole room to the point of we’re having trouble closing the door. Now, if I want to retrieve anything, I have to lean in, supporting myself with one arm holding the door while I try to locate the object I want, and then I leap frog through the obstacle course to retrieve it. Justin and I might need to get a backhoe up in there.

3. I joined a writing group. I haven’t told them that I haven’t actually completed a story since I finished my undergraduate Creative Writing over 10 years ago. Or that my characters all sound alike. Or that I’m not at all sure how to put a plot together. Or how to develop my characters. Or that most of my ideas are on scraps of paper in organized piles around my office. But other than that, I am ready. I am going to turn a new leaf. I am going to discipline myself to write every day or well…often…super often.

4. We bought a gazebo, which resembles a circus tent, for our backyard. It is part of our attempt at spending more time outside. But this is Texas, and even though it’s early May, it’s hotter than **** here so we’ll see what happens. I might need one of those adult inflatable pools.

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