strawberry basil martini


This is one of my favorite cocktails probably because it combines two of my favorite ingredients: strawberries and basil. Make this sometime this summer when you’re getting together with friends or when you need something refreshing to sip during a hot day. You will need a strainer , a cocktail shaker , and a muddler (see picture below).


Serving size: 1
1½ oz. vodka
½ lemon, juiced or a dash of lemon concentrate:
3 strawberries
8-10 basil leaves
1 oz. club soda
splash simple syrup (about ½ oz. depending on your sweetness preference)
Combine strawberries and basil in a cocktail shaker and muddle. Add vodka, lemon juice, club soda and splash of simple syrup if the strawberries aren’t sweet enough for your liking. Add ice and shake well. Strain in a chilled martini glass. Garnish as desired.

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